• Youth Dance Classes

    A variety of dance classes are offered for children of all ages 3-17yrs. Please see the class descriptions below.


    Pre Dance (ages 3-5)

    Children learn movement skills while working on their coordination to prepare them for dance classes. Slipper shoes required with leather bottom.

    Dance Appreciation (ages 5-7)

    Children learn the basic skills and movements to several dance mediums, including tap, ballet, and character.

    Dance Variations - Beginner (ages 7-9) and Advanced (ages 8-10)

    Children will study more advanced levels of tap, ballet, and character work while learning a variety of dances. Techniques of dance will be taught for a variety of areas such as toe, arm, hip and ankle turnout, as well as head placement. Dance Variations classes are for 8-10-year-old dancers as well as 7-year-olds who have been in two years of Dance Appreciation or with instructor approval. Dance Variations-Advanced is for students who have taken Dance Variations-Beginner or with instructor approval.

    Ballet/Jazz (ages 11-15)

    This class offers a serious and more involved study of ballet. This class will include bar work, center floor work, technique and more advanced ballet steps and dances. Jazz work will consist of warm up, floor and combinations. Character dances taught intermittently.

    Hip Hop I (ages 7-10) and Hip Hop II (ages 11-14)

    Come on and try this popular street dance that offers kids a non-intimidating approach to rhythm and choreography. Hip Hop classes are grouped based on age. Within each group, the instructor will work with each dancer to develop their skills to progress to the next level.

    Fall and Winter Sessions are offered. The dance curriculum has been carefully planned to address all ages and levels of development. All students must be the required age by the first day of class. Some classes require prior training or instructor approval. For the fall session, most classes will have a parent demonstration on the last class of the fall session.

    Dance Attire: All black leotard with pink or white tights. Ballet shoes are required the first day of class. Hair must be pulled back away from the face and tied up off the neck. Certain classes may have specific dance attire requirements detailed by the instructor.

  • Movement Therapy for Parkinson's and Neurological Disorders

    Current research shows that dance is an effective form of exercise therapy especially for individuals with neurological disorders. This structured adult dance class, using chairs for seated work, a ballet bar for balance and across-the-floor work aims to improve balance, coordination and overall physical and mental health. This class uses dance as therapy for rehabilitation of movement disorders and enhancement of motor learning. NOTE: Instructor is certified by Mark Morris Dance Group/Brooklyn Parkinson Group's Dance. All participants are encouraged to consult with their physician before beginning this or any exercise program. Wear comfortable clothing.

    Age: 14 & Up

    Site: Mayfair Recreation Center

    Instructor: Jeanine Dent

    To see dates & times the program is offered, see the Program Guide at or ask for a printed copy at the front desk.